My first efforts to learn how to wire walk involved building a simple apparatus in my backyard, similar in concept to a balance beam.  I used scraps of wood left over from working on my house, I actually had several long boards so the job was pretty easy. I took an 8′ long board, 5.5″ across and 1.5″ wide, and laid it on its side. I bought four little metal brackets, sawed another board in half with a hand saw, and attached the halved boards on either end.

The result was an I-beam type training board, somewhat level but with considerable flex in the middle. It may sound like it would be entirely too easy to walk across, but I promise it isn’t. After a few weeks I’ve learned to walk forward and backward across it, to hop up onto it from one side landing with both feet on the board, and to do various sorts of steps and small leaps. I’ve even been working on doing little turns and pivots when I reach the end of the board.

I realize its a long way from the tight wire, but it’s definitely a good work out- and its been rewarding to develop these little skills and feel myself getting better at it gradually. At least I’ll go into working on the wire with the tiniest bit of confidence.




About wirewalkwithme

aspiring tightwire walker.
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