On Monday, December 12, I had my FIRST ever tight wire lesson at the School of Acrobatics and New Circus Arts in Seattle.  I was so excited, and a little nervous, when we got there, but mostly just eager to take my first steps on a real, actual tight wire.

(Me, pre-lesson. Look how happy I am!)

My instructor, Jasmine, was young, friendly and easy to work with, and admitted that its a hard skill to “teach” when so much of it relies on “feeling” right.  She let me go for it after some warm ups, guided me with little pointers on form and balance, and served as an occasional spotter. I was able to balance on each foot, take one step unassisted, then worked up to a couple of unassisted steps, and ended with an assisted walk down the entire length of the wire. I could feel every muscle working, was dripping with sweat within minutes, and had moments where everything felt exactly right and I knew I had it. Overall I think I did pretty well, and it definitely confirmed my desire to pursue the art.

Now I’m full of ideas and readiness to get at it again. Clearly Im not going to be able to fly to Seattle every time I want to work on it, but I have some thoughts about how to make it happen right here. Stay tuned!

(On the low wire, walking)



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